Sushi & Sashimi In Shizuoka


Sushi for vegetarians! Can you name them all?

In Shizuoka Prefecture, we are blessed not only with a large expanse of sea to be fished all year round, but also some of the best fresh vegetables available all year round, including the best wasabi (Japanese green horseradish).
I will endeavour to introduce all the sushi you can find here as well as the good sushi restaurants and prove we deserve the title of this blog!
I will also explain in plain (forgive the bad pun!) words what sushi is all about, even if I have to break some myths along the trail!
It will be a pleasure and honour to reply to all questions and queries, so do not hesitate!

Robert-Gilles Martineau

4 thoughts on “Sushi & Sashimi In Shizuoka”

  1. I’m really guessing here, but I think I can see one which is aubergine with ginger?
    And another which is a stick of ginger.
    And is one cheese?
    And the one at the front looks a bit like chopped shiso leaves (don’t know what shiso is in English!).

  2. Dear Ezz!
    Greetings and welcome!
    As I have been asked time and again if vegetarian exists (which it does), it was only fair to start with taht particular kind!
    More to come!

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