Take out Sushi: Mochikaeri

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From left to right:
Ika Mentaiko Shiso Maki (squid, hot cod roe and perilla roll), Botan Ebi (botan prawns with their eggs) , Natto Ume Shiso Maki (fermented beans, pickled plum and perilla roll)

I have always enjoyed ordering take away (or take out), “mochikaeri” at Sushi Ko in Shizuoka City for two reasons:
a) They will prepare them only if you promise to eat them as soon as possible.
b) They will either propose you regular sets or indulge you with whatever you wish.

Here is what I asked recently for a meal with my wife. I must it was absolutely extravagant!

From left to right, top to bottom:
Tai Nigiri (x2) (seabream), Hirame Nigiri (x2) (sole), Menegi (x4) (leek sprouts), Anago Nigiri (x2) (conger eel), Sakura ( Horsemeat)

From top to bottom, left to right:
Maguro Zuke (x4) (tuna lean part), Hotate (x2) (scallops), Sakura Ebi (x2) (Sakura shrimps. Only in Shizuoka Prefecture!)

3 thoughts on “Take out Sushi: Mochikaeri”

  1. I’d really like to try Sakura ebi and Anago Nigiri … that look awesome.
    I love your blogs (especially the Sake one … I’d like to see more in the shochu tough).
    bye ( ^_^)

  2. Dear Simaldeff!
    Thanks for the praise!
    The problem with shochu is that we still do not have so may in Shizuoka Prefecture, but articles will come! As for sake, I have loads of stuff to post!

  3. I found this by googling “ume natto shiso maki”. I discovered it at an authentic Japanese restaurant (hard to find as most are run by Chinese here) and it’s become one of my favorite rolls.
    Everything in these pics look mouth watering.

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