Acquired Tastes 2: Ankimo

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“Ankimo” is the liver of the Frogfish (“anko”), a fish that can be found in most the Northern Hemisphere and elsewhere. Not a nicelooking fish, it is nonetheless appreciated almost everywhere.
The Japanese love it in “nabe” (Japanese-style fish pot au feu), while the French either introduce it in Bouillabaisse, or even better, baked rooled inside prime bacon.
The liver is much appreciated in some countries, especially France and Scandinavia.
In Japan they steam it in sake to make “ankimo”, which I usually introduce to neophytes as “Japanese fish foie gras”!
Pic taken at Yumeshin, Shizuoka City.
I asked for it served (it is a cold appetizer) as it is as “tsumami” (hors d’oeuvre) with “ponzu shoyu”, finely chopped thin leeks and a dash of “Momiji-oroshi” (grated daikon and chili pepper) on a shiso leaf.
It is also great in small pieces on a gunkan topped with the same as above!

I will explain the preparation in my next posting!

4 thoughts on “Acquired Tastes 2: Ankimo”

  1. I would say it is delicate for our Westerners’ palats. It is usually steamed in sake, but it can be done with wine. You could use any fish liver for that matter. I will post the cooking method soon!

  2. hello R-G,

    that is one ugly fish. is it very large? i would not like to run into that while snorkeling in the water!

    this post is very informative, everything i was wondering has been answered!


  3. Cheers, Sandy!
    Actually this fish is also called Monkfish (ring a bell?)
    It is probably one of the ugliest fish you could find on your table! But definitely one of the best!
    It is called “lotte” in France. People in my homeland rival Japan for its consumption!
    It can be pretty large. I’ve seem almost 1 metre long specimen!
    Incidentally it is a perfectly inoffensive fish for all its toothy smile!

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