Sushi Quizz

Please check Shizuoka Gourmet Blog for all the gastronomy in Shizuoka Prefecture!


Below are some samples of sashimi and sushi I have tasted recently
Could you give the names of each ingredient?

-Sample 1:

-Sample 2:

-Sample 3:

-Sample 4:

2 thoughts on “Sushi Quizz”

  1. Short answer is: no. The other night we went to what we consider a good Japanese restaurant in Prague. We got to talking about your blog – we just knew that we were eating a “McDonald’s version” of the real thing! I also watched “Lost in Translation”. You’ve certainly sparked a lot of interest in your adopted home….one last adventure awaits 🙂 I hope…

    PS: I used to wax lyrical about plateau de fruits de mer…I think I’d prefer Sample 1 with a bottle of Chablis.

  2. Cheers, Absintheur!
    Thanks for your comment. I will come with the answers sometime next week.
    Chablis is a good choice. Sake and white wine, reasonably dry, should be perfect!

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