Tuna Species 3: Kihada/Yellowfin

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“Kihada maguro” or Yellowfin Tuna” will appear soon on our tables from early summer.
It is mainly caught off Shizuoka, Miyagi and Kochi Prefectures coasts.
Like all other fish it is called other names in different regions:
Kiwada, Itoshibi (Wakayama, Kochi, Kyushu), shibi (Kyusyu, Osaka), Ban (Osaka) and Tuna Kajibi (Okinawa)
Kihada roams over many seas between 30 degrees north latitude and 30 degrees south latitude and even wider depending on the season.
Most of the fish caught in Japan is served locally as sashimi:
Very recognzable for its pinkish colour.
It is also widely appreciated as zuke (first lightly grilled, then dipped into ice water before being cut in thin slices) on nigiri:
A lot is imported frozen.
In Shizuoka try to go for the freshly caught samples coming from Yaizu or Numazu.

One thought on “Tuna Species 3: Kihada/Yellowfin”

  1. Hey thanks for the tip. I was looking for a picture sashimi list explaining the variety on offer in Shizuoka. I am a little behind in my knowledge of fish types and this makes it difficult for me to review, especially in Numazu my home city.


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