Restaurant: Sushi Ko

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Last Thursday (May 17th), my better (worse?) half and I thought it was about hight time to pay a visit to our favourite Sushi Restauarant In Shizuoka City, namely Sushi Ko (not to be confused with its parent establishment in Tamachi).
The main reasons why it is our favourite is because:
1) the fish and all food are of superior quality
2) the prices are clearly posted up
3) it has sake and shochu from Shizuoka Prefecture.
Asit is still the season we started with katsuo sashimi (bonito) for which our Prefecture is so famous. Very fatty and tender!
There is plenty of staffon hand at Sushi Ko who can prepare and also cook. We could not resist ordering the deep-fried tuna cubes served with ponzu and momiji oroshi!
Now for sake lovers, Sushi Ko has the following Shizuoka Jizake among its list:
Kan (hot): Fujinishiki Honjoozo (extravagant for a hot sake!)
By the glass: Isojiman Honjozo, Shosetsu Tokubetsu Honjozo, Kikuyoi Junmai, & Kokkou Ginjo
300 ml bottles: Fujinishiki Junmai Ginjo, Masuichi Ginjo
And one superlative kome/rice shochu, Fuji no Shizuku by Fujinisiki!
For all his easy-going atmsphere, Sushi Ko is also a truly gastronmic establishment which serves such delicacies as Sakura/Horsemeat (see above picture), shika/Venison and Kujira/whale.
As they have their own extensive network throughout Japan, they will come out with Botan Ebi (see picture above) and rarities such as Hakkaku/Sanborer from Hokkaido
The “maki” fans will be happy to learn that Mr. Oda, The “chief” of the place is areal artist: I recommend his piquant scallops maki covered with tobiko/flying fish roe!
Check out for the seasonal fish! We had among others tai/seabream. A feast!
And for “dessert”, you must try the Tamagoyaki made by the parent establishment in Tamachi. I very much doubt you will find better in town!

Sushi Ko
Shizuoka City, Aoi Ku, Ryogae Cho, 2-3-1 (Aoba Koen)
Tel.: 054-2512898
Business hours: 17:00~25:00. 17:00~23:00 on Sundays
Closed on Wednesdays
Reservations advised
Credit Cards OK

Homepage (Japanese)

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