Co-op Sashimi

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The Missus last night came back home (just after me) with a triumphant look.
-“What’s made you look so happy?” I innocently asked (I had a fairly good idea, already).
-“Just get the beer, wine and sake out! And don’t forget the glasses (I know I’m stupid, but still…)! I’ll show what I found!”

A moment later she came up with that tray above covered with all kinds of sashimi.
-“Where did you buy them?
-“At the Co-op Supermarket next door!”
-“How much did you pay for that?”
-“Certainly less than what you pay when you go out eating behind my back (no comments…)! 1,200 yen!”

1,200 yen is less than 10 US$. I had to admit she deserved the praise.

From middle top clockwise:
-Maguro/Tuna sashimi (probably Minamimaguro/Southern Blue Fin Tuna)
-Binnaga/Albacore Tuna
-Ajitsuki Maguro/Minamimaguro thinly sliced and marinated
-Shimaaji/Striped Skipjack
In the middle are amaebi/sweet shrimps

The green leaves are shiso/perilla-beefsteak plant leaves


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