Gunkan Series 2

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This is the second series of the Gunkan (more to come, don’t worry).
It includes a few repeats, such as the “Shirako” (Cod Whiying) as above to introduce other pics

gunkan-benisuwai.jpg gunkan-mitsukuruebi.jpg gunkan-kobashira2.jpg gunkan-namakarasumi.jpg

“Benisuwaigani” (Red Suwai Crab), “Mikkuriebi” (Mikkuri Shrimp, a avariety of sweet shrimp, delicisous in spite of the colour!), “Kobashira” (Muscle from the “Bakagai” Shellfish), “Nama Karasumi” (raw mullet roe)

gunkan-ooenkougani.jpg gunkan-akahada.jpg gunkan-sakuraebi.jpg gunkan-shirasu.jpg

“Ooenkogani” (Ooenko Crab, featuring body flesh, red brins and pincers flesh!), “Akahada Tsurutsuru”, a seaweed gunkan! It is a red seaweed variety), “Sakura ebi” (Sakura Shrimp, the pride of Shizuoka Prefecture!), “Nama Shirasu/Umeiwashi” (raw whitebait from “Ume” sardines)

See you again!

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