Donburi Series 4

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This is a truly extravagant one!

From bottom, clockwise:
“Hotate” (Scallops), “Ikura” (Salmon roe), “Kazu no Ko” (Herring roe), “Kampachi” (Amberjack), “Uni” ( Sea Urchin), “Kani Tsume” (Crab leg), “Ebi” (Boiled prawn)

2 thoughts on “Donburi Series 4”

  1. Amberjacks are members of the “jack”fish family. The jack family also includes such fish as the pompano and the crevalle jack. The amberjack has a brownish skin that is hued lavender and golden colors. The fish also has an amber colored band that extends from the head to the tail. The greater amberjack is the largest and most important variety of the amberjacks in the temperate and tropical Atlantic.
    The season is Autumn in Japan. They are caught all around Japan. Thare caught off Izu Peninsula in Shizuoka Prefecture. A fairly large fish popular with sport anglers.

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