Shellfish Series 1: Awabi/Abalone

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Awabi or Abalone is delicacy all over the world, but especially in Japan and China. This unfortunately cause a lot of friction between the latter countries as more and more Chinese are caught inside Japanes waters illegally catching and smuggling abalones irrespective of their kinds or sizes.

The peak season is the summer.
one can roughly divide abalones into three kinds: “Kuro awabi” (“Black Abalone” Picture at top), also called Ongai or Aogai;
ezoawabi.jpg madakaawabi.jpg
“Ezoawabi, also called Mengai; “Madakaawabi”.
Kuroawabi is best as sushi or sashimi.
Others are probably best cooked.
Incidentally for all the Chinese illegal poaching, Japan imports a lot from China and Australia.
As the size does not have any incidence on the taste, the bigger, the cheaper (proportionally!).
Abalones come from Chiba, Hokkaido and Fukushima Prefectures, although plenty are found off Shizuoka Prefectures shores

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