Sushi Restaurant: Sushi Ko 2

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As I will be away to France from August 27th thru September 7th far away from the sea (in Bourgogne), I paid a visit (with my worse half) to our favourite sushi bar/restaurant Sushi Ko in Shizuoka CIty.

We had the usual fare described in other postings, but three orders stood out:
1) Hot Scallops Roll which I will dedicate to Allison. The vegetables on top are “menegi”/very thin leeks cut just after sprouting. The scallops are mainly seasoned with mayonnaise, chili pepper and flying fish roe (“tobiko”)

2) “sanma no nigiri”/mackerel pike topped with grated fresh ginger and chopped thin leeks. Dedicated to Barnaby.

3) “Ikura no Gunkan”/Salmon roe in gunkan (rice ball iside dry seaweed). Notice the extravagant service! Dedicated to Patrick although I wonder if he would appreciate it!

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