Fugu at Suehiro-Hamanako no Megumi

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No this is not the day’s laundry, but the skins of the fugu/globefish that had just been dressed yesterday by Mr. Yokota at Suehiro-Hamanako no Megumi Sushi Restaurant in Hamamatsu City!
The fish were caught in Hamano Lake in the morning, so one could not expect anything fresher!
Mrs. Yokota has the government license to cut and dress fugu, and since I’m still alive this morning, I suppose it is the proof she is very proficient at her art!
Contrary to what many people think, she explained that it is not only the female fish ovaries that contain mortal poison but also the mal fish liver. There are over 100 varieties of fugu/globefish in Japan and almost all of them are poisonous, so beware!
Incidentally the skin of the fish is edible and is usually served in thin stripes either raw with grated daikon or grilled on a stick.
But I had come mainly for the nigiri I had ordered over internet, served with thin leeks strips between the shari (rice) and neta (topping) with a little momiji oroshi/grated daikon with chili pepper. Bliss!
People tend to forget that fugu makes for a great treat deep-fried or as tempura. Just eat them with your fingers and suck on the bones!
Simply extarvagant morsels with sake!

Hamamatsu City, Naka Ku, suyama Cho, 360-6
Tel.: 053-452-6288
Business Hours: 11:30-13:30&17:00-22:00
Closed on every Wednesday and second Tuesday

6 thoughts on “Fugu at Suehiro-Hamanako no Megumi”

  1. Very interesting, I should have known to look to your blog as a resouce. I’ll definitely know better next time.

  2. I also just learned that the Japanese are trying to grow fugu in a controlled environment (i.e. careful monitoring of food in take) so they can breen non poisionous fish. Doesn’t that take all the fun out of it?

  3. R-G, C’est incroiyable! Je suis, tres desole, that’s the end of my French – I wonder how big the facilities have to be to support that effort given the space, etc. requirements of this fish.

    Thanks for sharing.


  4. Dear Lou-Ann!
    They are doing this in the sea by the shore. Vast area. It took them 23 years to succeed (they thought it would take much longer!)!

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