Sashimi Set: Matsu to Kaze

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Matsu to Kaze (“The Pine and the Wind”) was opened about three years ago and its popularity has never abated.
Fresh produce and good service are the main (evident) reasons.
If you ever visit this izakaya in Shizuoka City, do make sure to order their sashimi set of the day! You just can’t go wrong with theirfresh offerings mixing local produce with that of faraway prefectures!

The plate my good friend Patrick and I ordered featured (see picture above from left to right):
Tennen Honmaguro/Wild tuna
Nama yuuba/Tofu sheets
Suwagani/Suwa Crab
Kanpachi/Yellowtail (again)
Tachiuo/Scabbard Fish (under the shiso flowers9
Koushin daikon/A red (inside only) daikon variety

Matsu to Kaze
Shizuoka City, Aoi Ku, Hitoyado-cho, 1-4
Tel.: 054-2512004
Business hours:17:30~24:00
Closed on Mondays

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