Dinner at Sushi Ko, Shizuoka (’09/08/31)

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On Monday August 31st, my birthday, the Missus invited me to our favourite sushi restaurant in Shizuoka City, namely Sushi Ko!
There are many reasons for Sushi Ko to be our favourite sushi restaurant that I have mentioned many a time before: supreme fish and vegetables (and even meat), great side dishes, including cooked dishes, originality, great service and willingness to tackle customers’ challenges! On top that add a great list of sake, shochu and even wines! As for the icing the prices are more than reasonable and clearly indicated!


As for the drinks I decided to join the Missus (at least for the first and last glasses) in opening a white Chablis from home in Bourgogne, France. Chablis, and Chardonnay as a general rule, goes very well with sushi.


That did not prevent me from “abandonning” the Missus for a geat sake made in Shizuoka City by a brewery called Masu Ichi! The sake itself is a premium honjozo.


As a general rule, and this is one of those rare moments we (almost) totally agree on, is to start with the sashimi of the day:
Hon Maguro no Akami/lean part of a wild bluefin tuna and Suzuki/seabass.
Notice the edible shiso/perilla flowers!


The next sashimi (I ordered that) was Aji no Tataki/saurel tartare from a wild saurel (some of them are also bred in semi-captivity).


The fish is so fresh that we were later served the all the bones and head deep-fried that you eat like crunchy rice crackers!


It was then we started serious on the rice.
One of Sushi Ko’s creations you must absolutely ask for are their sushi Millefeuiles! They come with different ingredients according to seasonal avaibility.
This particular one contained Kanpachi/albacore, Kazu no ko/herring roe, o-kaka/seaweed mix, Mitsuba/trefoil leaves and katsu bushi/dried bonito shavings. Succulent!


Mr. Oda, who is also a keen blogger, then offered us on the house a little creation of his: Ika Tsuru/Cuttlefish Crane. Cute, isn’t it?


Maguro zuke nigiri is raw tuna (lean part in this case although chu toro and toro can used) marinated in a mixture of soy sauce, sake, and mirin (and other secret ingredients varying with each restaurant). Very sweet, you could have it instead of dessert!


Sakura is raw horsemeat in this case served on nigiri (can be served as sashimi, of course) with a topping made of freshly grated ginger and chopped thin leeks. Very sweet, too! One day I will ask Mr. Oda to prepare me a horsemeat tartare sushi!


Sushi Ko also has some great sake from other regions to offer such as this Kirinzan from Niigata Prefecture. Although a non-premium sake, it is certainly than a lot of so-called superior sake!


Although neither of us is vegan, mr. Oda and I have this little game every time of a challenge consisting of a plate featuring at least four vegan sushi.
Here is what the chef came with this time:


Himenegi/young thin leeks reminscent of French ciboulette.


Kaiwaredaikon/Japanese radish sprout, lightly boiled and topped with some umeboshi/Japanese pickled plum.


Betarazuke/daikon lightly pickled in sweet vinegar. In this cases served with a piece of shiso/perilla leaf between the shari/sushi rice and the neta/topping. Some lime skin was grated ontop making for a sweet sophisticated taste!


Mitsuba/Trefoil: the stems and leaves were slightly boiled and sparated, making for a bicolour combination accentuated by finely cut kyuri/cucumber!


The Missus who is definitely more carnivorous than I asked for Mr. Oda’s special Niji Maki/Raibow Rolls.
This particular one contained: Tamagoyaki/Japanese omelette, Akami/lean tuna, Suzuki/seabass, Sake/salmon, Kaiwaredaikon/Japanese radish sprouts, Ebi/boile shrimp, Kyuri/cucmber and Anago/broiled conger eel!


We were both still feeling for a “betsubara”/another corner of the stomach to fill and we ordered sanma aburi/Pacific saurel grilled on one side and served with a topping of gated daikon and some soy sauce.


I naturally asked for more tamagoyaki/Japanese omelette.


And the Missus ordered her favourite negitoro maki/roll containing minced toro tuna and chopped thin leeks.

We also had miso soup with cockles and a complimentary dessert not pictured here.

I usually do not mention prices, but if you want to know, we paid 180 US $ for the lot including the drinks (there was on more servin of magurozuke)!

Sushi Ko
shizuoka City, Aoi Ku, Ryogae-cho. 2-3-1 (Aoba Koen)
Tel.: 054-2512898
Business Hours: 17:00~25:00. 17:00~23:00 (Sundays)
Closed on Wednesdays
Reservations recommended
Credit cards OK
HOMEPAGE (Japanese)

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