Sushi Recipes: Spam California Roll

Back into spam!
Bazooka Gourmet is going to kill for that one!LOL
Making the most of simple ingredients to create that ever popular Clifornai Roll!


-Sapm: 1 can
-Eggs: 2
-Avocado: 1 (ripe)
-Nori/dry seaweed (as much as needed)
-Sesame seeds (as much as needed)
-Mayonnaise (as much as needed)
-Rice: 2 large bowls (freshly made. See sushi rice recipe HERE)
-Salt, pepper: to taste


-Cut spam into strips and fry.

-Prepare the eggs as tamagoyaki/Japanese omelette and cut as shown in above picture. Check HERE for basic Tamagoyaki recipe!

-Cut avocado as in above picture and let them for a while in some water added with lemon juice. This will prevent the avocado turning brown.

-First spread a sheet of cellophane paper over a sushi roll mat. Then spread sushi rice over it evenly and not too thickly!.

-Spread dry seaweed sheets over the rice.

-Place the sapm, tamgoyaki and avocado as shown in above picture at some distance from the extremity. Line with some mayonnaise.
Point: mix some grated wasabi with the mayonnaise first!

-Roll your Californai roll.
Unwrap and sprinkle it sesame seeds as shown in above picture.

-Cut and serve!


-The rice can be simple slightly salted steamed rice instead of the sushi rice.
-Tamagoyaki can be made in thin wide omelette you will roll first before lining the California roll with it.
-Let your imagination go free if you want to replace the sesame seeds with something else!

Easy, isn’t it?

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