Sushi Cupcakes: For an easy Party!

Cupcakes don’t need to be introduced, neither sushi!
But have you ever thought of combining the two for an easy party meal/snack for adults or children?
Here is a simple suggestion you can easily adapt to impress your friends!

Sushi Cupcakes!

INGREDIENTS: for 15~20 cups

-Sushi Tarou Sushi Mix: 1 pack
The above can be found easily in Japan or at Asian supermarkets abroad to make your work very easy! They are also called “Go Moku Chirashi”.

The above is available on in Japan!

-Steamed rice (warm): 500 g

A)Boiled prawn: 2
A)Avocado and lemon juice: as appropriate

B)Kamaboko/Fish paste (red): as appropriate
B)Mitsuba/Trefoil: as appropriate

C)Mini Tomato: as appropriate
C)Sliced cheese: as appropriate
C)Kaiware/Daikon Sprouts (or other): as appropriate

D)Sweet Rice vinegar renkon/lotus root: as appropriate
D)Cucumber: as appropriate
D)Kanikama/Surimi: as appropriate
D)Ginnan/gingko nuts (boiled): as appropriate

E)Smoked salmon: as appropriate
E)Shiso or Oba/Perilla leaves: as appropriate
E)Yuzu/lime zests (grated) as appropriate


-Pour the warm rice and the sushi mixture into a large bowl and mix quickly.

-Fill aluminum foil cupcakes or cups with the sushi rice. Make groups of two or three cups. Srim\nkle them all with finley cut dry seaweed (skip seaweeed if you don’t like it!), or with some roasted sesame seeds. If you have some tube wasabi handy, put a little in the middle.

-Top first series with A) you will have beforehand seasoned with mayonnaise of your liking.

-Top second series with B). Season with a little yuzu koshio if you have some. If not, a little lemon juice is fine.

-Top third series with C).

-Top fourth series with D) Notice the way the cucumber are cut!

-Top fifth series with E)

Have good fun!

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