Sushi & Sashimi: The Basics 4/4: Sushi Presentations-Te-Mari Zushi (updated and amended)

Te-Mari Sushi made by the Missus for my bento!

A comment by my new friend Sissy at With a Glass convinced me it was time to re-publish explanations of the techniques behind a very enjoyable form of sushi, namely Te-Mari Sushi/手まり寿司!

Te-Mari Sushi was apparently made poular in Kyoto first where gastronomy is more “feminine” than in any other part of Japan. It is very easy to make, present and carry around.
It is more welcome when you realize people in Kyoto have more socializing to do than anywhere else, including eating and drinking. Making portions smaller and more artistic are a necessity there!
Actually Te-Mari Sushi can be made in any size and may include any ingredients, be it for omnivores, adults, ladies, children, vegetarian or vegans!


The technique is simple enough: having prepared the sushi rice, take a piece of cellophane paper and first put the tane/topping outer surface down, then place some rice over it. Close the cellphane paper by twisting it and press the sushi into a ball (“mari”) in your hand (“te”)! Unwrap it, place it on a plate, tray or in a box and add some more topping if neceassary!

Look at the demonstration pics below for better understanding!
In that case the rice ball is made first inside a piece of cellophane and wrapped again with the toppings!


Ebi/boiled shrimp

Smoked Salmon

Pickled fish


Below are suggestions and samples for Te-Mari Sushi.
Frankly speaking, varaiations are endless. Have good fun!

For a tea party?

For a Lady’s bento?

For a Gentleman’s bento?

For a special occasion?

For a European/American style party?

For Ladies only?

Sweet te-mari for Children!

With a Glass,
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