Crab Species 2: Red King Crab/Tarabagani


Tarabagani or Red King Crab is caught in Autumn and Winter.
It is the most coveted of the commercially sold king crab species, and is the most expensive per unit weight. It was named after the colour it turns when it is cooked rather than the colour of a living animal, which tends to be more burgundy.

Red king crabs can be very large, sometimes reaching a carapace width of 11 in (28 cm) and a leg span of 6 ft (1.8 m) [2]. It is most commonly caught in the Bering Sea and Norton Sound, Alaska, and is particularly difficult to catch, but is nonetheless one of the most preferred crabs for consumption.

The King Crab is native to the Bering Sea, north Pacific Ocean, around the Kamchatka Peninsula and neighbouring Alaskan waters.
In Japan it is caught in the Japan Sea and neighbouring Okhotsk Sea.

In Japan 100 tonnes are caught every year, whereas 40,000 tonnes are imported, mainly from Russia!

There are so many way to enjoy this great crab!
Here are a few examples:


Boiled as Sushi Nigiri of course!


Even more extravagant, raw as sushi nigiri!


Just plain boiled on a bowl of freshly steamed rice. My favourite for its extravagant simplicity!


As Chirashizushi should please anyone!


And how about a great soup with miso!

Naturally, there are more ways, including grilling!
I will leave it to your imagination! LOL

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