Whale Meat


One can easily eat whale meat at Sushi Restaurants In Shizuoka Prefecture or even buy it directly at supermarkets.
Most of it come from Sperm Whales/Mako Kujira.
Whale meat should not be confused with Iruka/Dolphins whose meat has appeared on Japanese tables since times immemorial. It concerns an entirely different taste and cooking.

Whale meat can be appreciated in various form:
“Kujira Tataki”, that is whale meat cooked in small cuts ready for sashimi.
“Kiujira Salad”, including Whale Tartare and Carpaccio.
“Kuijra Seikyoyaki”, a Japanese way of cooking and serving cut to be eaten with hot rice, or even instead of a beef steak.
“Kujira Karaage”, or deep-fried whale meat, great with sake!
As Sushi, it does come in many guises to accomodate various parts.
Each region has its own traditional ways and presentations.
Incidentally, whale meat is safer than any meat from land animal, as it is purely biological!


Setting the record straight:

I fully understand this article will not be appreciated by some people, but do not expect me to apologize for whatever reasons!
I would like to to remind short memories that whales were practically decimated from (under) the surface of this world in the 19th Century by US and European whalers for their oil used in lamps. When the US in particular realised that they were quickly running out, they pushed for mineral oil exploitation with the economical and political consequences we are still suffering from. In short the ovekilling of whales is the direct cause and link to wars in the Middle East.
Last but not least, who and what was Commodore Perry after all?
A whaler! The US had had promoted a common whaler captain to the grand rank of Commodore for the political and diplomatic needs of the time as he happened to ply his trade in nearby seas!
I mentioned that whale meat is safer than beef. Incidentally, who practically exterminated bisons as a policy for driving Indians (Amerindians) out of the way and now makes a big deal of protecting them?

8 thoughts on “Whale Meat”

  1. I am an open-minded foodie and want to try all sorts of things. I am horrified at the way that whales are killed by whalers. If the chickens, pigs and cows and so on that we eat every day were subjected to the hideously cruel way that whales are killed, I think that most of the general public simply couldn’t eat them. Still, as a foodie, I have consciously eaten whale a half a dozen times or so in Japan, and I am glad that I have. Because, I can now definitively say that whale isn’t at all delicious. Even if you are not offended by the cruelty and inhumanity of whalers, whale meat just simply isn’t worth eating.

    Still, I appreciate this article. I am not offended that you dared to mention on your site that people in Japan really do eat whale in various forms. Thank you.

  2. I lived in either Tokyo-to or Saitama-ken for most of the decade of the 1960’s and ate whale meat many times. In the summer it was great when it was chilled almost to the point of freezing and served as sashimi. In the winter I ate it breaded and fried like a cutlet along with sake. I also liked the canned whale meat which had been cooked in sweetened soy sauce.

    Knowing the level of contamination in whale meat I would probably eat it more cautiously now but I have no regrets and reminisce pleasurably over past meals.

  3. I had Kujira sashimi when I was last in Japan. I really liked it, and would definitely have it again.
    In flavor and texture, it’s sort of a cross between beef and tuna.

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