Gunkan Series 3

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As promised here are more “Gunkan”!
gunkan-bafununi.jpg gunkan-murasakiuni.jpg gunkan-uni.jpg
The three above are varieties of sea urchins: “Bafun uni” and Murasaki Uni”, whereas the last last shoows both gunkan and nigiri.

gunkan-egani.jpg gunkan-ibaraganimodoki.jpg gunkan-matsubagani.jpg
Above are three types of crabs: “Egani”, Ibaraganimodoki” and Matsubagani”

gunkan-kagabai.jpg gunkan-nejinukibai.jpg gunkan-sazae.jpg
Three shellfish varieties: “Kagabai”, Nejinakubai” and “Sazae” (Turbo Shell)

gunkan-hoteiuo.jpg gunkan-konago.jpg gunkan-muroaji.jpg
We go to fish varieties: “Hoteiuo” roe, “Konago”, and “Muroaji” (horse mackerel variety)

gunkan-noresore.jpg gunkan-shiraebi.jpg gunkan-sunaebi.jpg
And to end: “Noresore” (baby conger eels), and two shrimp varieties: “Shiraebi” (white shrimp) and “sunaebi” (sand shrimp)

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