Chirashizushi: Marinated Tuna Sushi for Lunch

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The Missus does not work on Thursday. This is the day we usually go out at night, but the frigid temperature outside having discouraged her to venture into town, she decided to cook both lunch and dinner for us for my (and her own ) pleasure!

For lunch we had a salad of beans, yams from Ishigaki Island and greens with a big bowl of miso and mushrooms soup. As for the main dish featured above, she prepare “Chirashizushi/Sushi on a plate or in a lunch box.
She steamed the rice with a piece of konbu/seaweed.
She later added this seaweed shredded once the rice had been mixed with the rice vinegar, sugar and some “secrets”. She also mixed in some shredded “takuan”/yellow pickled daikon to balance the sweetness of the sushi. Sushi in Shizuoka in generally “sweeter” than that found in other areas of japan, notably Tokyo where it is more “vinegary”.
On top of the rice she placed slices of “maguro”/tuna she had marinated beforehand in konbu ponzu ( a lot lighter tha soy sauce!) and mirin. She added “ikura”/salmon roe and “tobikko”/flying fish roe and completed for color effect and balance pieces of “shiso”/perilla leaves. A dollop of real grated wasabi, et voila!

She couldn’t help remark how much she would price it for customers at her virtual restaurant! LOL (not a bad price, actually!)

4 thoughts on “Chirashizushi: Marinated Tuna Sushi for Lunch”

  1. Hi Robert,

    I hope I am doing this correctly. I am new to Foodbuzz and still learning how to navigate this site. I am the one curious on people’s views on sushi. I have been perusing sooo many different sushi sites, it’s unbelievable!! I am hoping to connect with people on Foodbuzz and get people’s opinions. I took a look at your website and it really makes me miss Japan. I lived in Atami Japan for 5 months and Okinwa for 2 1/2 years… the best times!! My daughter was born in Okinawa. Anyway, I sure do miss the Japanese grocery stores, that was some great adventures for my and my roomie in Atami. So Robert, any feedback that you could provide me with your views on cultural influence on the evolution of sushi would be fabulous!! How has your French background in cooking techniques influence your views on sushi and have you incorporated that in making your own sushi making (if you’ve made sushi)?

    1. Dear Misty!
      You are doing this correctly! LOL
      Atami! A small world isn’t it! I also recently went to Okinawa (Ishigaki, Iriomote, ..)!
      First of all, make use of any information you find on my blog as nothing is copyrighted, all for sharing!
      I’m a bit busy this week with markong university exams, but I will come back to you at the end of this week!
      Lots to talk about!

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