Acquired Tastes 2a: Ankimo/preparation

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As promised, here is the recipe for making “Ankimo”!
Note that sake can be replaced white wine.

Step 1:
Choose fresh ankimo. That is how it should look!

Step 2:
Take off blood vessels. Don’t worry about the nerves.

Step 3:
After taking blood vessels away it does not look pretty. Nothing to worry about actually!

Step 4:
Lightly salt all sides

Step 5:
Wrap it in cooking wrap and let rest for an hour.

Step 6:
That is how it will look after an hour.

Step 7:
Take off all water and salt with kitchen paper.
Get the teamer ready.

Step 8:
As in the picture place wrap on bamboo roll maker (use a soft plastic sheet if not available). Place the frogfish liver on third of the way as equally as possible.

Step 9:
Roll in carefully, making sure the wrap sheet does not accidentally penetrate the liver.

Step 10:
Twist both ends of the wrap sheet until there is no space left inside.

Step 11:
Cut extremities of the wrap making sure the roll does not unfold and wrap it inside another sheet.

Step 12:
Wrap inside cooking aluminum foil.

Step 13:
Twist ends to close.

Step 14-15-16:
-Put inside steamer and close.
-Cook for 30 minutes above strong heat
-Take off and let cool

Step 17:
For better consistency leave in refrigerator for a full day. Cut slices to your preferred thickness.

Step 18:
(For example) serve astride sliced cucumber, sprinkle it with a generous amount of ponzu shoyu and place half a spoon of “momiji oroshi” (grated daikon seasoned with chili pepper). Finely chopped thin leeks or shiso would make a nice finishing touch, too!


12 thoughts on “Acquired Tastes 2a: Ankimo/preparation”

  1. This is phenomenal – I first had monkfish liver in a “fusion” application – essentially it was pressed atop a brioche with a savoury jelly. Several years later, I am still looking for something comparable to that experience. Perhaps I’ll try your preparation method myself!

  2. Thank you. I made this last night and it was yummy. I had trouble with the rolling part, but it ended up okay although not beautiful.

  3. I had ankimo for the first time today, at Village Sushi in Seattle’s University District. I had it as a gunkan with an added quail egg (my idea) and I really enjoyed it. I’m so glad to have found this post so I can work on doing my own.

  4. in the beginning you mention: “Note that sake can be replaced white wine.” No mention of either in the reciped ingredients though.

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